Introducing Hello # – your third-party app to control and manage your smart # cars

Why Hello #?

Independence: Hello # is a third-party and independent project with complete autonomy. We are not affiliated with smart, which allows us to be flexible and do things differently.

User-Friendly: The intuitive interface makes controlling your smart car a breeze. Access all features effortlessly and enhance your experience of controlling your car remotely.

Your privacy at heart:  You can use Hello # with a piece of mind knowing that your login credentials are never stored. Plus we do not collect any data of any kind.

Highlights of the main features:

Car Details

Discover a new level of insight into your car with Hello #. Access information you have never seen before, like the 12V Battery charge level / voltage, last alarm trigger time, precise current location on the map, and much more. Personalise your home screen by selecting your favorite details for quick and easy access.

Charge Standby

Monitor your car’s charging process in real-time with our elegant and animated Charge Standby feature.

Charge Management

Set the charge limit and view the exact charging state. Start or stop the charge effortlessly.


Enjoy the convenience of starting or stopping the preconditioning of your car. Customise the heat settings for individual seats, providing you with more flexibility than before.

Car Controls

Quickly lock or unlock your car and trunk with a long press and haptic feedback to ensure no accidental actions. Perform an in-car login by scanning the QR code displayed on your car’s screen.

Update Status

Stay informed about your car’s data freshness. If it seems outdated, refresh it effortlessly by locking your car – a solution that works 99% of the time, ensuring you always have the latest information.

Much More to Come

Hello # is a dynamic and evolving project. With your valuable suggestions and ideas, the app will continue to grow, introducing new features regularly. Join us on this journey as we enhance and expand the capabilities of Hello # together.

Join the community

Hello # has a whole community behind it. More than 200 testers help us shape the app into what it is today. We welcome anyone who would like to take part and join our beta testing program as we decide together on the next features. We also welcome translators. More details on the link below. Thank you!